BMW Service Inclusive

With a service package from BMW, worries about service costs - for service, maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs - become a thing of the past. With BMW Service Inclusive, you can have your car serviced as often as necessary at no extra cost, within the time period of 5 years or a kilometre limit of 100,000 km. And because it is transferable to the new owner, the package maximizes the resale value of your car.

What does BMW Service Inclusive offer?
Wouldn’t it be good to know all of your servicing costs in advance? Well, that’s exactly what BMW Service Inclusive provides.

BMW Service Inclusive lasts for 5 years or 100,000 km (whichever occurs first) and covers all of your vehicle’s servicing requirements.

Alternatively you can choose BMW Service Inclusive Plus, which in addition to servicing also covers maintenance items such as brake pads, brake discs and windscreen wipers.

We believe that every BMW should stay a BMW. That is why all work covered by BMW Service Inclusive will be carried out by fully qualified BMW Trained Technicians who only use Genuine BMW Parts with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Should you sell your BMW before the expiry of the package, the remaining benefits are fully transferable to any subsequent owner. This can enhance the resale value of your car. In addition to this you will benefit from having a full service history stamped by BMW Service Authorised Workshops.

What is covered within BMW Service Inclusive?
The table below details the service elements included in each Service Inclusive package. The contents of BMW Service Inclusive Plus are in addition to BMW Service Inclusive.

BMW Service Inclusive

  • Oil service
  • Oil top-ups between services
  • Vehicle-check and standard inspections
  • Micro filter
  • Renew spark plugs
  • Renew brake fluid
  • Fuel filter (diesel models only)

  BMW Service Inclusive Plus

  • Renew front brake pads and discs
  • Renew rear brake pads and discs
  • Renew clutch assembly
  • Renew wiper blade rubbers