Service Interval Indicator

Pre CBS BMW models feature a Service Interval Indicator that monitors specific usage and driving
conditions and gives ample warning when maintenance is required. The Service Interval Indicator counts down the mileage until your next service. Once any work is carried out our BMW Approved Technicians reset the indicator. We use Genuine BMW Parts to restore your BMW to optimum condition. 

Oil Service (content subject to model year)

  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Heater/air conditioning: change micro filter/pollen filter
  • Check thickness of front and rear brake pads and discs
  • Check handbrake condition, travel and adjust

Inspection I

  • - Safety checks including, lighting, electrical systems, steering and braking components
  • Heater/air conditioning: renew micro filter/pollen filter
  • Check for roadworthiness and engine condition including tyres, oil, oil filter, battery, coolant and fluid levels

Inspection II
As Inspection I plus:

  • Replace spark plugs (if petrol)
  • Intake silencer: replace air filter element

Brake fluid change

  • Replace brake fluid, brake fluid is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture) and so its performance deteriorates over time
  • Replacement brake fluid reduces corrosion of ABS components as well as maintaining braking performance
  • Change on two year cycle

Brake pad/Disc change

  • Change brake pads and clean all brake caliper cavities
  • Check surface and thickness of discs, replace if necessary
  • Check handbrake condition, travel and adjust or replace if necessary


  • Statutory inspection for vehicles three years and older
  • Annual check comprising of over 150 safety-related items and emission system test
  • Items checked include headlights, steering, brakes, suspension, instrument cluster, seats/seatbelts, windscreen/wipers, VIN, doors and wheels/tyres

Routine Maintenance Check

  • Items checked include lights, warning lights, wiper blades, anti-freeze, coolant levels, engine oil levels, clutch hydraulics, drivebelt, battery, tyres, brakes, steering and exhaust
  • Covers important minor regular checks to ensure your BMW is in peak condition